Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Long Island

There are a couple of main types of garage door springs, torsion springs and extension springs that crack and need to be replaced.

Torsion Spring Repairs

1Torsion springs are located above the opening of your main garage door. These types of springs are placed onto a steel bar that runs from one end of the garage door to the other end which makes them under enormous pressure.

Usually there are 2 torsion springs installed on a garage door but if one breaks the garage door will not open or close. While the torsion spring breaks or cracks you can expect to hear an extremely loud blast. Hopefully is doesn’t break with you trapped in the garage!

It’s also usually smart to change both springs when one breaks or cracks as it’s commonly a great warning sign that the other spring may be on it’s last leg.
We can easily replace your current torsion springs with new ones (a small number of companies work with reconditioned parts) quickly and at the best price in the Long Island Area.

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Extension Spring Repairs

Extension springs on your garage down will be found running along the side of the beginning of the door in addition to use a pulley system.

It’s important to figure out what spring dimensions and weight to use once exchanging your current extension springs. Not all garage doors are the identical and of course they will demand various gauge springs so it’s critical you get the correct one for your correct door.

Just as before, we only use premium brand new springs when doing our garage door springs repairs.

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